“Staying Optimistic During Challenging Times” – Agnes Klug 7th Grader, St. Joseph School Cockeysville

Apr 5, 2023

Congratulations to Aggie on her finalist achievement in the St. Joe’s Cockeysville Oratorical Contest and the Timonium Optimist Club Contest! The theme was “Staying Optimistic During Challenging Times”. The 7th grade scholar used the inspiration from our very own Henry J. Knott. Check out what she had to say about participating in this meaningful leadership opportunity.

“In middle school, Saint Joseph School students participate in an oratorical contest. Last year, the theme of the contest was, “Staying Optimistic During Challenging Times.” For my project I chose to focus on the lives, experiences, and hardships of Jim Carrey and Henry J. Knott.

Jim Carrey’s story spoke to me as soon as I read about it. He grew up in poverty and dropped out of school to help support his family. Despite the challenges, Jim Carrey found the humor in life and his comedic career eventually took off. Through his undying optimism, Jim Carrey has motivated many people and helped them to look to the brighter times that are ahead.

Henry J. Knott was an inspiration whose selfless acts changed the course of many people’s lives. By creating the Knott Scholarship foundation, he offered people of all social classes a chance to receive a good, Catholic education. His influential legacy has given many children an opportunity to succeed and not only grow as a person, but to grow in faith.

Jim Carrey and Henry J. Knott embody what it means to overcome hardship and to put others first. Through magnanimous actions and the motivation to fulfill dreams, these two men have helped to make this world a better place one step at a time. The oratorical contest gave me the opportunity to further appreciate the work Jim Carrey and Henry J. Knott put into getting to where they are today.”