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Knott Scholar Scott Pawley (Marion Burk Knott Scholar ’20, Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Scholar, ’24), St. Mark Principal Mrs. Terri Ferro, Mr. Martin Knott and Mrs. Teresa Knott

Knott Scholar Scott Pawley (Marion Burk Knott Scholar ’20, Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Scholar, ’24) exemplifies the achievement of Henry and Marion Knott’s vision in establishing Knott Scholarships: to develop leaders in the Catholic community.

Through a family experience, Scott was able to see firsthand that a student who learns differently usually requires extra support outside of the classroom. That support comes at an additional cost. Scott worked with the Knott Scholarship Funds Student Council, as well as the Catholic Community Foundation, to establish the Knott CARES (Catholic Academic Resource Enrichment Scholarship) Fund.

This Fund makes available to those families with financial need, one-time grants to help defray additional costs. Scott, and his family, have been a driving force to fully fund the endowment. “My family and I spent a lot of time sending emails, speaking at parishes, and doing fundraisers. The entire experience has made a really deep, personal impact,” said Scott.

Grants are determined on a yearly basis and have so far supported students who have attended St. Michael-St. Clement School, Bishop Walsh School, and St. Mark School Catonsville.

Parents have shared their experience with the Knott Scholarship Office:

“Since he has been in the program, he has shown more interest in learning and has more confidence in himself.”

“We wanted a Catholic school education for our son, and we knew that he needed a little extra help with some classes…we would definitely recommend the program to any family who has a child who may learn a little differently but still wants a religion-based education.”

You can help pay your gift of a scholarship forward by assisting another family.

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