Secondary School Highlight – Luke Dragonette, Calvert Hall

Apr 5, 2023

Meet Luke Dragonette, current Student Class President at Calvert Hall pursuing his dreams of attending the University of Maryland College Park (a family tradition)! We interviewed Luke to learn more about his future plans, developing leadership skills, and his involvement as class president. When asked how KSF supports his future goals, Luke stated he believes that over the last few years, KSF has helped him realize that “scholarship is more than a transaction… I feel the effects in the community and opportunity the scholarship provides. I am good friends with many of the 14 other Knott Scholars that Calvert Hall has, and I am happy to have them because they also stand for hard work, service, and the Catholic Church.”

What made you interested in becoming student class president and what has your focus been in this role?

“My youngest brother, Tim, was interested in Student Council when he attended Calvert Hall some years ago. I was partially inspired by him to run, in addition to wanting to give back to a school that has done so much for the four of us. I am glad that this role has focused on the service part of leadership… we plan events and these represent our school, so we put our hearts into constructing a good Junior Ring Ceremony as a way of taking care of our alma mater. Leaders are meant to serve, so we try to serve our classmates by making their years and careers at Calvert Hall better and more impactful, often in ways they do not realize.”

Read more about Luke’s future endeavors and how Calvert Hall has helped him become a leader by clicking here.

What are your future plans?

“Something unique about my family is that we only applied to University of Maryland College Park, 2 parents and 3 older brothers, so I’m waiting to get accepted to college, but if the trend continues, I’ll go there next year! I hope to quickly figure out whether I want to study Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, or Journalism (or something new — you never know!). I’m working on discerning with my parish/school, so I haven’t entirely ruled out religious life. I love voice acting, learning languages, and sports commentating, so I am hoping I can incorporate those into my education for a potential side career.”

How have your leadership skills developed at Calvert Hall?

“Calvert Hall specializes in cultivating self-advocacy, so I’ve learned how to take control of a situation and find a solution as well as to solve one’s own challenges, which is especially important as a youngest child. Calvert Hall has also helped me find people who appreciate me for who I am, so I’ve learned to understand and embrace my personality; this is the first step to leading.”