Scott Pawley Nominated for Award

Apr 5, 2023

Currently a junior at Calvert Hall College High School, Scott Pawley was recently nominated to be part the inaugural class of the Central Maryland Junior Achievement’s 18 Under 18. This non-profit organization aims to inspire and prepare students ages 5-18 from the Baltimore area to be successful and impactful leaders by providing additional learning opportunities and resources to students, parents, and educators. Click HERE to learn more about this awesome organization!

In 2020, Scott spearheaded the KNOTT CARES Fund, (Catholic Academic Resource Enrichment Scholarship) with the help of the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Catholic Community Foundation. The Knott CARES Fund supports students who have diverse learning requirements and need financial aid for those additional educational resources while attending a Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. To learn more about Knott CARES, click HERE.

Knott Scholarship Funds recently caught up with Scott to learn about his most recent nomination. Here is what he had to say:

What is the 18 Under 18?

“I was named a member of the inaugural class of Central Maryland Junior Achievement’s 18 Under 18. 18 Under 18 is an award that recognizes the accomplishments of 18 individuals from Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Carroll County, or Harford County who are under 18 years of age. The award specifically features those it considers advocates, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.”

How did you get nominated? How did you feel when you heard the good news?

“I was nominated by my school’s Director of Student Activities, Mr. Parisi, on behalf of Calvert Hall for the fundraising and organization that I did to get the Knott Catholic Academic Resource Enrichment Scholarship (CARES) Fund endowed. Although I knew that I had been nominated, I was very excited and surprised to have been selected.”

How do you think this nomination will help you as a leader?

“I think being selected will give me a great opportunity to be around other young people making a positive impact in their communities. I think that it is important to surround yourself with who you hope to be, and this is a good example of that ideal. I also hope to learn from what others have done and incorporate their ideas in my own life.”