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O’Dwyer Service & Picnic Event

Marion and Henry Knott built their legacy on giving back to communities, institutions and families in the greater Baltimore area for many decades. One of Henry Knott’s greatest wishes was to leave this earth a better place. Together with Marion, they achieved this goal and more, through their unwavering dedication to stewardship and service. When the Knott Scholarship Funds were created, Henry and Marion believed that providing the gift of a Catholic education would provide opportunities for Catholic students to grow as leaders in their communities, and the Catholic Church.

The Knott Scholarship Funds is dedicated to keeping the spirit of commitment and compassion of Henry and Marion alive. Our goal is to provide meaningful leadership and service opportunities for our current Knott Scholars, along with the ability to connect with alumni Knott Scholars. Not only do our service activities bring Scholars together to build community, but they also provide opportunities for growth as Scholars learn to lead the way for others.

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Awarding Knott Scholarships – How YOU Can Help!

Both the Marion Burk Knott Scholarship Fund, and the Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Scholarship Fund, have their own endowments. Members of our Investment Committees meet four times a year, (usually virtually) with an investment advisor, to help manage the portfolios so that we can continue to grant new scholarships and support our current commitments.

The Knott Scholarship Funds are seeking volunteers to join one of our Committees. For over forty years, the Funds have been guided by those willing to give their time and talent to support our scholarship awards. Alumni Knott Scholars, or parents of Knott Scholars, are especially encouraged to reflect on this opportunity to “give back.”

If you have a background in investing or finance and would like to be considered for service on a Committee, please reach out to our Executive Director, Mimie Helm.


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