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The Knotts believed that providing the gift of a Catholic education would allow students to use that education to become not only leaders in the community, but active contributors.

The Knott Scholarship Funds, working in conjunction with the Knott Scholar Council, provides opportunities for Scholars to connect with other scholars and participate in service activities in three main ways:

Partner School

Each year the Knott Scholar Council chooses a partner school within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
We coordinate a school supply drive in the beginning of the year, a physical clean up day in the spring, and a book drive to take the students into the summer. Additional activities can be arranged at the request of the recipient school. Click here to sign up for the service day.


A fund for tuition assistance has been established in conjunction with the Catholic Community Foundation. This fund, the Knott CARES Fund, will provide assistance for students who wish to receive a Catholic education, but who may have learning differences that would require additional tuition. Head over to our Knott CARES page to learn more.

Knott Scholar Student Council

The Knott Scholar Student Council’s members give of their time to plan activities for Knott Scholars that are coordinated by fellow Scholars. Learn more about the Council.

Recent and Upcoming Events

The Gift of Education

The Gift of Education

Guest Writer: Caroline Habiger- Secondary Knott Scholar Alumna (NDP 2023) & Current Knott Scholar at Loyola University Maryland (2027) Aaliyah Perez exemplifies the values of service and...

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